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LIFE GEOCARBON: Communication Action for the Cultivation Management Practices Tool

The Communication Actions about informing farmers regarding the Cultivation Management Practices Tool of the LIFE GEOCARBON project have started. On Saturday 11/12/2021, an information event was held at the Kalavrita Achaia to the members of the Women's Agritourism Cooperative of Kalavrita in order to inform them about the perspectives of sustainable development of the Cooperative's cultural activity. The Cultivation Management Practices Tool of the LIFE GEOCARBON project was presented, which is available at the following link: "".

Farmers were informed about the potential of their fields for crop establishment, as well as the prospects of using appropriate cultivation practices to reduce the carbon footprint. It is worth noting that the interest of farmers was quite high as the rational use of land resources in their area will bring immediate benefits to the production of local products of high nutritional value while reducing their negative environmental impact.

The above event was supported by the presence of the Vice President of ELGO - DIMITRA, Ms. Georgia Boka, the President of the Agritourism Cooperative of Kalavrita, Ms. Panagiota Pavlopoulou and the Mayor of Kalavrita, Mr. Athanasios Papadopoulos.


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