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Life Geocarbon workshop at Italy

In the frame of the European LIFE Geocarbon project, two workshops with farmers were organized by IBE-CNR (Institute of BioEconomy, National Research Council of Italy). The first event was successfully held on 18 November 2022, at the premises of the farm “Poggio Torselli”, located near Florence, in Tuscany (Italy). The second one was held on 2 December 2022, at the premises of the farm “Fèlsina”, located near Siena, in Tuscany (Italy).

The IBE-CNR researchers, Francesco Primo Vaccari, Maria Costanza Calzolari, Romina Lorenzetti and Gherardo Biancofiore, have given speeches mainly about the role of Soil Organic Carbon in the contest of climate change; the mission and the added value of the European project Geocarbon; the benefits of Carbon sequestration in agroecosystem, both for farmers and for mitigation issue, stressing the importance of the project in recording the carbon footprint, in the market of carbon credit, and for the greenhouse gas monitoring activities at national level.

Due to the great interest of farmers, an interesting and constructive discussion took place at the end of the presentation.


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