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The Vice President of ELGO DIMITRA, Mrs. Boka Georgia, at the LIFE GEOCARBON Project workshop

On Friday, November 12, 2021, at the Teleconference Room of the Institute of Soil and Water Resources of ELGO-DIMITRA, in Lycovrisi, a workshop of the LIFE GEOCARBON Project will take place. The Institute of Soil and Water Resources, as Coordinating Body, will host the stakeholders in order to plan the implementation actions of the project. The meeting will be supported by the participation of the Vice President of ELGO DIMITRA, Mrs. Boka Georgia.

The LIFE GEOCARBON Project is a preparatory project, where producers are given the opportunity to record Activity Data, i.e. the farming practices applied by the producers themselves. Thus, through a web-based geospatial data platform (web-GIS application), producers will be able to record data such as ploughing depth, type of fertiliser, addition of organic fertilisers, etc. These data, combined with existing data, will contribute to the assessment of soil organic carbon sequestration and thus to climate change mitigation.

The LIFE GEOCARBON project is co-funded by the European Commission, with a total budget of 656.588€. The coordinator and Scientific Officer of the LIFE GEOCARBON project is Dr. Dimitris Triantaconstantis, Researcher-in-Charge of ELGO-DIMITRA. The study area of the project in Greece is the prefecture of Etoloakarnania.

The participating institutions are the Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources of Panteion University, the National Research Council of Italy (Institute of BioEconomy), the Spanish National Research Council (Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura), the University of Algarve of Portugal and the Agricultural Cooperative Delta Oiniades of Etoloakarnania.

More information on the project website:


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